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Your well-being is our purpose

We’re following the science to bring you the medications and vaccines that help fight some of the most serious health concerns facing all of us.

We aspire to be the premier research-intensive biopharmaceutical company in the world

For over 130 years, MSD has been inventing for life, bringing forward medicines and vaccines for many of the world’s most challenging diseases in pursuit of our mission to save and improve lives. In Hong Kong, we embrace this aspiration to serve a healthier society for 60 years.

Guided by this aspiration, we explore every INNOVATIVE solution, uphold OPEN-MINDED company culture to deliver our leading-edge science to the needed patients in Hong Kong.


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守護你ˎ 我和至親 唔洗等 #唔好等。

HK-NON-00362 OCT/2022