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Why MSD?

Multinational Corporation
Supports your career aspirations
Advocates experimenting
High impact to patients & society
Wide range of employee engagement activities

Hear how our staff feel about their lives at MSD

Five years ago, I decided to quit my job to look for a new one in which I could make a bigger difference in patients' lives. Now at MSD, I help identify patients for clinical trials. I'm ignited to come to work every day to make my little contribution to improving patients' lives!

I rejoined MSD, and am very happy that I made this decision, as it felt like I was returning home, returning to my team. The main reason I came back is because working at MSD gives me a great sense of purpose to improve the patient’s life, I am able to directly impact their lives for the better.  The experimentation culture at MSD encourages us to stroll outside our comfort zone in order to strive for excellence.

MSD impressed me right from the first interview. The interviewer told me that they would love to hire someone with a non-science background to stimulate innovation. After working here, I realized how open-minded MSD is. That is one of the reasons why we have a pool of such diversified talents at MSD.

Commercial Operations Director
Alex NG

Though he has a young appearance, Alex has already been at MSD for over 23 years! Starting from a professional sales representative for four years, Alex gradually moved into a marketing role across different business units, evolving from an executive to a manager, and to a business director, acting as one of the key leadership members here in Hong Kong.

Associate Product Manager, Hospital Specialty Unit
Anna LAW

Anna joined MSD in HK in 2021. As a newcomer to MSD and a younger generation, the open-minded culture and emphasis of employee engagement gave her a completely different perspective of how working in the pharmaceutical industry truly is.

Regional Labeling Liaison

Anna joined MSD as local regulatory affairs associate after her university graduation. With her dedicated career aspirations to elevate to the regional level, her management respected and helped her plan ahead, giving her full support on her fulfillment with regional stretch assignments. Anna was able to join the regional labelling team servicing not only Asia Pacific, but also China and Japan.

Medical Affairs Lead
Jason Jen

As a medical lead in Hong Kong, Jason has always been excited and proud of MSD’s leading pipelines in industry. With his passion on advancing patient access, he joined MSD 10 years ago while MSD was pioneering the medical science liaison to facilitate the scientific exchange with researchers and academia. His passion joined force with our company vision to enhance the industry’s medical services as well as made himself thrive in his career to become the lead on our medical affairs team in Hong Kong.

Business Unit Director, Oncology
Debbie Yip

Debbie, a mother of two boys, maintains a strong growth mindset by actively exposing herself to new roles and functions at MSD. Over the past ten years, she has worked in various areas such as medical, vaccines, regional regulation, and market access, culminating in her recent appointment as the Oncology Business Unit Director and a member of the company's leadership team. Debbie finds the company's support for women in leadership positions both helpful and inspiring.

Associate Director of Clinical Research
Francis Leung

Francis is our experienced clinical trials expert, tirelessly working at the forefront of our pipeline development. He recalls the challenges he faced while leading MSD in Hong Kong to initiate its first local oncology trial, but also the satisfaction he felt from the achievements and impact on patients. As the lead for clinical trials, Francis is passionate about expanding collaborations with different institutions to leverage Hong Kong's favorable environment for clinical research.

External Affairs Director

Ada took a bold decision to switch from commercial to external affairs, where she finds it offers different perspectives. By embracing a high level of trust in her team and an open mind, she enjoys her work leading this art of connecting people both internally & externally for a better company future.

Professional Sales Representative
Natalie LEUNG

Natalie is a driven & ambitious young professional who is new to pharma industry. But she has been supported by a variety of opportunities, from marketing role, frontline role, to a hybrid role, each has equipped her with a unique skillset that has prepared her for success in the dynamic pharma field. 1 Let’s watch Natalie’s story on how she turned her aspirations into reality.

Employee Benefits

We aspire to improve patients healthcare outcomes. Hence, we put focus and commitment on our people’s wellbeing and benefits to ensure a safe workforce which enables us to come to work passionately for new ways to create a healthier future for patients in Hong Kong.

Competitive medical coverage
Hybrid Working Model
Competitive parental-related Leave
Education Sponsorship Program
Maternity Benefit
Flexible Work Arrangement
Substitutional Leave
Examination Leave
Dental Benefit
Employee Vaccination Program
Lactation Room
Annual Health Checkup

Company culture

Our leaders firmly support our corporate culture and direction. Other than work, we embrace an agile work/life integration, and our “work-hard-play-harder” philosophy, in order to experiment and grow with our teams.

At our Hong Kong and Macau subsidiary, our greatest strength is our people. I believe that career development is not just about advancing skills, but about unlocking potential, fostering growth, and creating a path for our people to achieve remarkable results in support of our company’s mission to save and improve lives around the world.

Anni Varughese
Managing Director, Hong Kong and Macau

What I like about working in MSD, is that we get to create our own team dynamics. We co-create with the team on cultures that everyone believes are important. We develop our own team contract with everyone’s input, creating a sense of ownership not hierarchy. We value the voices from our colleagues because Diversity & Inclusions holds the key to success in our company.

Chris Shing
Business Unit Director,
Pharma & Macau Unit

At our company, development is in our DNA. As the Head of Human Resources for Hong Kong and Macau, one of my key commitments is to develop our talent, helping them grow and empowering them to have purposeful careers. It is also my mission to help everyone recognize that they possess the capacity for leadership, regardless of their current position, and to support them in defining and designing a career path that aligns with their ambitions. I do this through meaningful conversations and by providing practical tools and resources.

Jo Chung
HR Lead

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