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We are committed to promoting sustainability in the environment and community we serve
Our passion for advancing sustainability of society is matched only by our drive for innovation

Thrive as a Better Society

By utilizing the skills of our talented workforce, collaborating with our valued partners and investing our resources wisely, we are always on a mission to make a positive impact on society.

Check out our new 2-in-1 initiative on caregiving and environmental protection!

Our urban area needs more green, so our team has started planting in the city by working on gardening regularly on weekends. The harvests are not for themselves to take home, but for sharing with others! In partnership with Food Angel, the fresh, home-grown vegetables become our gift and support to the underprivileged.

Quotes from our employees

It was gratifying asking strangers to support me in taking care of the sick children. I feel rewarded helping other children in need.

Sum Sum, the daughter of our colleague

I have been volunteering with HKACS for quite some time now. One of my most memorable experiences was the Christmas party when we arranged a gathering with cancer patients. We sang songs, played games and prepared some gifts for them. Though it happened a few years ago, I still remember the smile on their faces.

Debbie Yip

As the organizer of CSR initiatives and being the lead of the Caring Company, we arrange at least two CSR activities a year to show our care for the community.  Our first CSR activity was 20 years ago when we visited Po Leung Kuk to make gingerbread houses with the children; the MD at that time even adopted a girl from Po Leung Kuk after the activity and supported her studies for a few years. Since then, we have organized visits to elderly homes, Ronald McDonald House and handicapped centres where we played games and had lunch with the people there. Our bowling team even offered to train some Asian kids who have never played before for a few hours.  I remember cleaning pets’ houses during summer was challenging because of the heat, smell and mosquito bites, but we felt rewarded nonetheless.

Mancy Lai

I have vivid memory of the time when we visited an NGO to teach children flower-making for Mother’s Day using varies materials. This was an amazing way to leverage the art and craft skill of our colleagues to contribute to CSR work. Instead of encouraging the underprivileged to buy gifts directly, we taught children valuable skills and enabled them to create something truly unique and personal for their mothers, which I believe would be more meaningful than gifts bought from a store.

Patrick Wong

It is my pleasure to participate in various CSR activities organized by our company. By getting involved, I can feel the evolution in our company’s strategy first-hand, from providing direct one-off support or welfare to people in need, for example by visiting elderly homes, to expanding our efforts to care for the environment and sustainability in society at large. An image of the rubbish we collected during our beach cleanup activities is deeply imprinted in my memory. It has made me appreciate the company’s extended CSR scope to proactively make a difference in society and the environment. I look forward to participating in future events of a similar nature.

Susanna Wong

Quotes from NGOs /partners

Working with MSD is an opportunity that holds extra significance for us as they have been a long-term partner with our organization. The collaboration allows us to continue to do what we do to support cancer patients throughout their care journey.

We are grateful for the support of MSD volunteers on Flag Day 2022. We need more passionate people like them to bring love and hope to the community.

MSD has been showing the philosophy of “patient-centric” throughout our engagement, especially their commitment to walk along with cancer patients on their patient journey. Apart from supporting us in different forms of patients gatherings, MSD has been a key partner in driving advancement on patients’ healthcare outcomes in terms of drug access, treatment, and patient care support. It is an honour for us to have developed such a long-term partnership with MSD.

MSD's collaboration with the Hong Kong Anti-Cancer Society is truly commendable, by showing a remarkable dedication to aligning their mission and vision for a cancer-free future. By joining forces with our Society, MSD exemplifies their strong sense of social responsibility and compassion, as they share our vision of improving cancer outcomes and enhancing the quality of life for those affected by the disease.

Thanks to MSD kind donation of 24kg of veggies, the food ingredients can help support Food Angel to produce about 240 nutritious hot meals.

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